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OpenGPT-X x appliedAI Conference Heilbronn

29 Nov
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    Datum:Wednesday, 29. Nov 2023
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    Uhrzeit:10:00 - 17:00 Uhr
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    Ort:Bildungscampus Heilbronn

Join us in Heilbronn on Wednesday 29 November 2023. For those unable to attend in person, there will be a livestream of the event. The conference language is German.


Almost a year to the day since the release of ChatGPT and the arrival of generative AI in the public debate, this conference will explore the question:

1 year “anno ChatGPT”: Where does the German economy stand in the application of generative AI?

We will assemble 150 technically savvy industry professionals and application-driven researchers in the field of generative AI and language modelling to share knowledge, experiences and best practices on the utilisation of generative AI in industrial applications, specifically tailored to the German and European markets.

This conference will:

  • showcase partners who are leading the charge in deploying generative AI use cases across industry and public administration in Germany.
  • assess the strategic alignment needed to strengthen the capacity to develop generative AI in Europe, with a particular focus on requirements such as multilingualism, reliability and transparency.
  • take stock of the opportunities and challenges in the application of generative AI across diverse industry sectors.

More details (PDF)